2021 Symposium & Instructional Course Update

Despite the challenges of COVID-19, the 2020 Edinburgh International Trauma Symposium and Instructional Course was highly successful in it’s online format. We are grateful to Talking Slides for helping to make it such a success.

We had hoped to return to the normal physical meeting format in 2021 but our most recent assessment of the risks has led us to make decision to run the meetings again in a virtual format. As the benefits of vaccination start to come through, there is hope for the future. We have to acknowledge that some of our delegates and faculty in other countries may not be in a position to travel to Edinburgh in August 2021. The safest option is therefore to proceed with a similar virtual format for 2021.


  • New content will be recorded for 2021 from a high quality international faculty. These talks will target current challenges and controversies in orthopaedic trauma.
  • The Symposium will cover the breadth of orthopaedic trauma.
  • There will be live webinar case discussions and Q&A with the faculty.
  • Further cadaveric surgical approach videos will be produced and be available.
  • Content will be available online from Monday 16 August 2021 for a period of 3 months.

The Programme is in the final stages of organisation – it will be made available online as soon as possible.

In the interim we have therefore reopened bookings for our new system. The course content is currently in development. Your purchase will entitle you to 3 months access to the Symposium +/- Instructional Course content commencing from 16/8/2021. 

We would encourage those considering registering to do so as soon as possible to benefit from the Early Bird Discounts.

For those that have already booked, we will be in touch shortly to discuss your preferences.

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Trauma Symposium: 16 August 2021 onwards for 3 months Click for online booking

Instructional Course: 16 August 2021 onwards for 3 months Click for online booking

Locations: Virtual Online – Live Webinars & Pre-Recorded Online Lectures

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-Instructional: 35 Hours
-Symposium: 23.5 Hours
-Combined Courses: 58.5 Hours


The Trauma Instructional Course is aimed at trainees and those requiring an over-view and update in orthopaedic trauma, running in parallel with a three-day Trauma Symposium, aimed at established surgeons interested in recent developments, debates, and controversies.

The Symposium’s subject areas include a wide range of common and challenging orthopaedic trauma situations. Delegates will be able to discuss a range of related topics with a faculty of international and national experts.

The Instructional Course is of particular use for surgeons preparing for their orthopaedic fellowship examinations. There is a special reduced rate for BOTA members (£30 discount). During the course all aspects of orthopaedic trauma will be covered by an experienced faculty of international and national experts.

Highlights of these courses include:

  • An experienced and enthusiastic faculty of international and national experts

    International Faculty

    International Faculty

  • Short, focussed lectures followed
    by wide-ranging discussions based around carefully selected clinical cases.
  • Webinar sessions which encompass ‘meet the expert’ discussions.
  • Online demonstrative cadaveric surgical labs.

Previous International and Invited National Faculty:

Mr A Baker (Preston)
Mr M Blyth (Glasgow)
Mr P Bates (London)
Mr C Bruce
Mr M Costa (Oxford)
Mr C Drury (Glasgow)
Mr P Jenkins (Glasgow)
Mr M Kelly (Bristol)
Mr A Maclean (Glasgow)
Mr B Ollivere (Nottingham)
Mr D Perry (Oxford)
Mr L Van Rensburg (Cambridge)
Mr A Watts (Wrightington)

  • Professor Fares Haddad, London
  • Dr Tim Schepers, Amsterdam
  • Professor Michael Archdeacon, Cincinnati
  • Dr Samuel Antuna, Madrid
  • Mr Andrew Oppy, Melbourne
  • Dr Lisa Cannada, Missouri
  • Dr Marc Swiontkowski, Minnesota
  • Professor S Rajesekaran, India

    Faculty Participation

    Faculty Participation

  • Dr Roy Sanders, USA
  • Dr Graham King, Canada
  • Professor Inger Schipper, (Leiden, Netherlands)
  • Professor Mike McKee (Toronto, Canada)
  • Professor David Ring (Massachusetts, USA)
  • Professor Heather Vallier (Cleveland, USA)
  • Professor Peter Kloen (Amsterdan, Netherlands)
  • Professor Loek PH Leenen (Utrecht, Netherlands)
  • Dr Roger Van Riet (Antwerp, Belgium)
  • Dr Michael Cardner (Stanford, USA)
  • Dr Jan-Erik Gjertsen (Bergen, Norway)
  • Prof Heather Vallier (Cleveland, USA)

Previous Feedback 

“The symposium was fantastically organised with pertinent content throughout. The enthusiasm of all the faculty members was outstanding.”

2016“A very organised team that took us through a wide range of trauma topic.”

“The trauma symposium is brilliant, and speakers were very knowledgable and experienced.”

“Great event and I would recommend colleagues to attend.”

“Really good case discussion. Very helpful for current practice.”

“Newly introduced cadaveric sessions were a very welcome addition to the Instructional Course.”

“The cadaveric session in the setting of the anatomy room was nothing short of magical!”

“A very thorough and enjoyable course. The content and depth is ideal for both an ST3, SpR and those undertaken FRCS preparation.”

“A master class of guest lecture delivery…engaging and thought provoking.”

“Well organised and useful. Lectures were well organised and workshop and dissection sessions were excellent.”