Book Symposium 2017

Please use the online form below to book and pay for your attendance at the Trauma Symposium (16 – 18 August 2017). The cost is £750. This system uses Paypal. Please select your first and second choices for each breakout session – these are allocated in order of booking. The anatomy sessions tend to fillquickly:

Cancellations & Refunds: Cancellations before 12 July 2017 will be refunded in full, less an administration fee of 20%. Cancellations after this date will not normally be refunded, except in exceptional circumstances; however changes  of delegate name will be acceptable at any time at no charge. Please ensure you have adequate travel insurance protection.

Breakout 1 (Wednesday) (Please note 4,5 & 6 are at Edinburgh University Anatomy Department)

  1. Modern management of bone loss and nonunion (Royston/Rajasekharan)
  2. Complex fractures around the knee (Kelly/Keating)
  3. Talus and other complex hindfoot fractures (White/Amin)
  4. Polytrauma – pelvis exfix/packing/rib fracture fixation (Bates/Olliviere)
  5. Distal radial approachs and DRUJ cadaveric anatomy (Schipper/Watts/King)
  6. Suprapatellar nailing – cadaveric surgery (Molyneux/Sanders)

Breakout 2 (Friday) (Please note 4 & 5 are at Edinburgh University Anatomy Department)

  1. Young hip fracture (Bates)
  2. Arthroplasty in lower limb trauma (THR & TKR – when?) (Patton/Moran)
  3. Spinal fractures (Rajasekaran/Baker)
  4. Surgical approaches to elbow/shoulder (King/Reid)
  5. Approaches for Pilon/talus/Lisfranc (Amin/Sanders)


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